Every Little Bit Counts

I’m currently working on a short urban fantasy-ish story about a demon hunting Hungarian. This is a story  I’ve been writing for an embarrassing number of months now. Every weekday I try to write a little more. Sometimes I only get a few sentences down before I have to start my daily exercises, eat breakfast, and get the toddler up and running. Then, once the wife has the 7-year old awake and fed, I gently drag him to the bus stop and begin ye commute to ye daye job.

I’m not complaining or asking for your sympathy. I’m working consistently on an idea that has plagued me for a year (maybe more), and that’s more than I could say a year ago. That’s more than I’ve done in the way of extra-curricular writing for a long time. I need to make more time for it and stop getting distracted in the middle of it by my favorite podcast or researching medieval Hungarian weapons. But I’m getting there. hungarian-short-sword-1

Sooo awesome via Sword-Site

Despite my lack of focus and poor time management. I’m doing it. I’m actually doing it. If you find this annoying or self-absorbed, it probably is. But I don’t care because it’s mainly a reminder to myself and maybe someone else out there: You’re doing it, you will continue to do it, keep doing it till it’s done.



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