Weekend Posts Aren’t My Forte


via Disney.com

But I am trying. This past Sunday, I was basking with my boys in the comfortable, arresting glow of Toy Story 2. It is imaginative, well plotted, and deep.

Pixar is one of the few studios in the era of the remake/reboot/crap-fest to consistently churn out above average films. I’m not just comparing Pixar’s movies to other kids movies. I’d put any of their, films up against the big releases of the day.

And as if the quality wasn’t enough, the quantity is is pretty impressive too. Since 2006, they’ve managed to release  a feature film every year, and in 2015 they doubled their output to two per year.

Let’s make like Pixar and get busy.

PS: People seemed to like the excerpt/sneak peek  of my Hungarian Demon Hunter Short Story so I want to let you know I’m planning on sharing another excerpt this week and short story itself should be finished soon. That means I can start submitting it. If no one buys it, maybe you guys will enjoy for free.




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