There’s Something Compelling about Perpetual Outrage

In the era of constant, wild-eyed outrage over every perceived slight. I often wonder how we got here. Reasonable people on all sides of the political/cultural sphere must surely agree that “here” is too far:

Courtesy of Lauren Southern

I especially like when she calls him “a white male,” and he later reveals he’s Asian.

But how did we get here? The easy answer is social media. The platforms (some more than others) surely amplify and perpetuate viral outrage. However, the root cause is more challenging to pin down.

Why do we reward the kind of behavior that culminates in this kind of holier than thou hubris (alliteration sandwich for my babies)? I suspect it’s because, in smaller less malicious doses, we kind of like outrage. To engage in this brand of always-on, vitriolic, witch-hunt for the next micro-aggression against the “continent of Hawaii”is intoxicating for the performer AND the audience.

To the crooked timber that is human nature, outrage is always compelling (even when it is divorced from reality). We want to be on the side of truth and justice, but we often don’t care to get the facts straight in advance. Be wary of someone who can’t last a single car ride without berating the driver for his 23 times removed crimes against humanity. Look things up, study logic and reasoning, and (above all) “put not your trust in princes.”


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