Kick it up a Notch!



This is going to be a challenging couple of months, Legions of Fans. I plead that you’ll go easy on me if I miss or fudge a post in the coming days. You see, the free time I’ve been using to “pen” this little blog is in danger of being swallowed up.

By what? What could be more important than providing free, un-proofread content to a devoted following that could fit into a full-size booth at Applebee’s and still have an open seat?

Well. Now that eldest son’s school has begun again, so too have the homework assignments, the clubs, and the team sports. This translates into a lot of driving and laundry. In addition to the standard kicking, screaming, and suppression of homicidal rage Who in the name of Mayor McCheese expects this level of parental involvement? I was told there’d be no sewing. In all honesty, I actually enjoy a lot of the activities, and we keep it at a reasonable level round here.

But all of that, plus the advent of a new Fantasy Football season, and I’m left with very little time for finishing the Hungarian Demon Hunter short story (check out the excerpts here and here) much less blogging for you people while I eat lunch.

I am however devising some strategies to increase my output rather than decrease it. Gonna start writing more things more in advance. That means I can schedule them ahead of time for weekend reading when my fans have more leisure time (except for Wendell, who works the weekend shift at the acid mines).

Also, I’ll make things easier on me (always a good idea), and devote at least one post per week to a writing update. Maybe give you skinflints a little taste. Just enough to get hooked. Then you’re mine. All mine.

Long story short: I’m kicking it up a notch. And I hope you will too.



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