The Next Best Thing

In the morning, when thou art sluggish at rousing thee, let this thought be present; “I am rising to a man’s work.”

-Marcus Aurelius

I woke late this morning. Too late to do the traditional scribbling away at my Hungarian Demon Hunter story. Too late to do my normal exercises with ye olde dumbe belles. I have failed. But I can always do the next best thing.

Excuses, Excuses.

I have an excuse for this failure of course (they’re always there if you know where to look). My elder son had his first real attack of heartburn since he was a little baby, and it kept him awake off and on into the wee hours. Sugar, my friends, she is a real mother shucker. But as the parent on duty, I also bear some responsibility for permitting him to drink pure sugar so close to bed time. So even my excuse for sleeping in and failing to do my duty is my fault.

I failed. Now what?

Now that I’ve faced up to my shortcomings as a parent, a writer, and a guy who wants to stay fit-ish, I have a few options.

Option 1: ledge to “do better tomorrow.” This is better than giving up and a good attitude to have in general. But it won’t salvage today.  Let’s see if we can do a little better.

Option 2: Pledge to “do better tomorrow” and write today off. Let’s make this our “cheat day.” This is undeniably worse than Option 1. This is the “I broke my diet and had a slice of cake, I should just eat the whole cake” option. Here, we’re not only not making progress, we’re actively sabotaging ourselves. Avoid this option whatever you do. It is more seductive than you can possibly comprehend. It is the tool of the Devil.

Option 3: Pledge to “do better tomorrow” and find a way to salvage today. So far as I can tell, this is the best option by far. Yes you can do better tomorrow but, you should find some way of putting a few points on the board today toward your chosen endeavors. What does that mean for my day? Well, it means I’m getting a jump on this blog post for one (I have a lighter workload today in my day job and I’m going to exploit the hell out of it.) Two, once I post this I’m gonna keep cranking on my Hungarian Demon Hunter story. As for exercise, I didn’t get to throw my meager amount of iron today. Maybe I can get a couple of push-ups in tonight?

The point is, we all fall off the wagon. It doesn’t always mean the rest of the day is a lost cause though.


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