Dave Freer nails it again.

Mad Genius Club

Now this is taken from that notorious and doubtless arcane source of much that is evil, and also cat memes, the Book of Faces AKA Facebook, from a Tor Editor’s page that someone pointed out to me, doubtless thinking I had weeks of idle time on my hands:

Moshe Feder: “Noteworthy are the presence of nominees from eight small publishers and five that were self-published.

 Are Dragon voters really _that_ much better plugged-into the small press world and more aware of self-published work than Hugo voters or is something else going on here? Theories anyone?”

Ah. Methinks ‘tis Master Wormtongue sowing the seeds to discredit. Note the careful use of words ‘self-published and small press.’ I think most authors concerned refer to themselves “Independent” or Indies, and these are not the ‘traditional small press’ – as in ‘too literary to find much of an audience, never make money’ but rather…

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