Self-Recommending: The Complete H.P. Lovecraft Collection

H.P. Lovecraft was an early master of the horrible and the weird and deserves the attention of anybody interested in so-called Speculative Fiction (reading it or writing it).

As someone who wants to both read and write Spec-Fic, I couldn’t restrain myself when I found Xist Classics had released The Complete H.P. Lovecraft Collection on Kindle for a paltry 99 cents.The pacing of some of these stories is a  little slower than the modern reader might expect, but the gradual increases in tension and the nightmarish atmospheres he creates are well worth your time.

As the title would suggest, essentially everything the man wrote is here: poems, short stories, letters, and essays. Everything you need to delve into the mind that inspired his contemporaries, countless artists that would come after him, and at least one presidential campaign.

According to my trusty Kindle, I’m only 12% of the way in. But I can tell it is making me a better writer already.


Image Courtesy of Measureless Eons

Have a good weekend!



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