A New Job for Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy has long been one of America’s leading voices when it comes to helping helping us recognize whether we may or may not be rednecks. But as helpful as that is, I think his folksy powers of perception would be better deployed contributing to a much needed national dialogue on mental health.

There are so many undiagnosed, untreated mentally ill in this country. I think Mr. Foxworthy can play a valuable role in helping us recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness in ourselves and in our loved ones. Because the first step is admitting you have a problem.

If you explode with disproportionate rage when your exalted sense of self is threatened by the criticism of others, yooouuu might be a narcissist.

If as a child you killed a small animal just to the watch life leave its eyes, you might be a psychopath.

If you think existence is pointless and those you love would be happier if you were dead, yoooou might be suicidal. 

If you need to wear a giant bunny suit to feel sexually alive, yooouuu might be a pervert.



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