Change of Plans

I was writing the lead up to the climax in my short story “Is it Not Midnight?” and I ran into a small problem. I had originally intended to get my heroes out of a bind in a particular way but ended up writing them into a cell awaiting their untimely doom. That meant I had to rethink key aspects of the rescue and escape. Ultimately, everything ends up in the same place but now the logistics are different.

Now I’ve got people coming in from different directions now and weapons are in different places than they were. It’s as if the hero and his faithful manservant of indeterminate ethnicity were going to come smashing in through the window, but must instead enter through the ventilation system. It requires a few changes.

For simple continuity’s sake, I’m gonna have to go over this and earlier sections with a fine toothed comb to make sure none of the earlier information I’ve laid out is at odds with the new plan. To do otherwise would be unfair to my legions of fans. But it is a little frustrating.

Do any of the more experienced writers out there have any thoughts about how to avoid this situation? Or advice on how to solve it when it comes up again?





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