Joined a Writing Group

I know. I’ve been derelict in my duty to this blog and my legions of fans. Such is the way of things. I have excuses though. They’re so good. You won’t believe how good these excuses are. I have to tell you, everybody says these are some of the best excuses in the history of excuses. Better even than when Adam said to God, “Eve made me do it.”

Anyhow, I realized I couldn’t leave you all hanging anymore and decided to write a post in this ostentatiously trendy coffee shop in the suburbs. Seriously, their suggestion box is an old timey mailbox and they provide free mint water. Lots of brass everywhere. There’s a riddle on the blackboard/menu thing, a metric ass-full of gluten-free baked goods, and the employees have framed Polaroid pictures of themselves on the wall.

I took a big step and inched closer to being a “real writer” earlier this month and joined a writers group. It’s not just a writers group though. Its sponsored by my church and the goal is also to have some fellowship time, pray a little, get closer to God, etc. I have to say, I’m loving it.

Getting to know this little rag tag group has been enlightening and inspiring. The little bit of feedback I’ve gotten so far on my ever expanding short story has been highly valuable. I look forward to seeing how we can push and inspire each other to greater heights.

I’m writing on a full bladder so, I hope you’ll forgive the brevity and lack of profundity. But if you’re serious about writing books (especially fiction) get yourself attached to a writing group.


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