That Good Liberal Message

Look around and you’ll struggle to find an institution that hasn’t succumbed to Conquest’s Second Law of Politics:

Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

Today, I’m going to attempt an explanation of why this is so. But first, a story!

A few years ago, a conservative pal of mine related an experience he had in the church he’d been a part of for decades. I won’t tell you the denomination, but it rhymes with Schlepiscopalean.

At the beginning of the new Vestry term, everyone was introducing themselves and one fellow shared that his favorite aspect of the church was hearing “that good liberal message from the pulpit” every Sunday.

According to my friend, the message from the pulpit wasn’t particularly liberal at all. There was a heavy emphasis on the usual church stuff (serving the poor, loving your neighbor, etc.). Nothing to offend the conservative ear there, right? So why did the outspoken liberal on the vestry honestly assume it was a left wing message?

Well, don’t you worry. Ol’ Alan’s figured it out so you don’t have to!

The Left likes to claim the moral high ground and, after decades of doing so, has come to the conclusion that basic morality and decency are its exclusive province. It assumes it has a monopoly on the basic moral impulses written on every human heart.

The left wants to help the poor therefore helping the poor is the liberal or progressive thing to do. Never mind that troglodytes like m’self might have thoughts on how to help too. Helping the poor is something liberals care about. Ergo, non-liberals don’t care. If you’re arguing against one of their programs or initiatives, you must be against its stated goal of ending childhood obesity (or whatever).

I suspect this is because the left-wingers, progressives, and Bernie Bro’s drink their own kool-aid. What used to be a method of persuasion (e.g., my opponent is against X because he hates group Y) has now become a moral framework.

How has this aided the leftward shift of our institutions? When one side sees its policies as indistinguishable from universal moral truth, they become a lot more invested in the advancement of said policies.

Don’t drink your own Kool Aid. In fact, try to avoid giving it to other people.

It rots your brain.


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