People Watching in Starbucks

Due to the complexities of renewing the passport of my spawn in advance of the Christmas trip back to Canada this year, I’m working from a Starbucks this morning. The people who walk in and out are not particularly remarkable; the people who stay are.

Semi-retired looking white couple:

He is wearing two shades of beige and some comfortable (but aggressively dorky) dad loafers. She, like any self-respecting white lady of means, is dressed for the gym. They’re probably on some sort of daytime date.

Professional-ish men in their 30s:

I fall into this category. We sit hunched over our laptops with our brows furrowed in Neanderthalic concentration. There’s a middle-aged black lady doing the same. I guess we’re not so different after all.

Older white men wheeling and/or dealing:

One is selling the other something. Unclear which is which. I suspect the potential buyer is the one with the expensive shoes.

Middle-aged activist looking looking white lady.

Hair tucked up in a fleece kerchief, her nose is pierced. She’s old enough to know better. Dressed for Portland in southern Ohio.

Who’s in your vicinity?



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