Canada is Better at Potatoes than America.

Apologies to my Legions of Fans, I’ve been visiting with relatives in the old country and haven’t had a moment to post since last week. Please accept my humble demonstration of remorse. Imagine me pawing at the hem of your blessed garments like a dog for a moment.Imagine you hear a slight wimper escape my lips as I stare up at you with eyes that say I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness. 

Satisfied? Good. 

Now I’d like to get back to something I’ve been mulling  of late. Namely:Canada is better at potatoes than America. 

I know this will ruffle some feathers, but I’m tired of pretending this isn’t so. In addition to the masterpiece that is poutine, the Canadian race has simply outstripped their southern kin in every way when it comes to the mashing, scalloping, roasting, and (above all) frying of these excellent nightshades.

Crisp without wandering into potato chip territory, the Canadian french fry is a badge of honor for all. Even the lowliest McDonald’s is capable of turning out a decent frite north of the border. 

I cannot claim to know the reason for the divergence in quality between two nations that share so much. I suspect the cold has something to do with it. Hot carbs are always welcome on a cold winter’s night.That doesn’t explain why America is so much better at donuts though.

Maybe it’s cultural.Canada has a larger percentage of Scottish, English, aND Irish settlers. Those people know their way around a potato like a Kardashian knows the plastic surgeon’s office. 

Whatever the reason, I am greatful for it every time I get potato based products here.


3 thoughts on “Canada is Better at Potatoes than America.

  1. LoL. This cracked us up. The cold probably does have something to do with why it’s more satisfying.

    Heads up for a typo: Whatever the reason, am greatful for it every time I

    Should be grateful.

    If you’re interested in having your work edited, let us know. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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