I Will Crush 2017 and Hear the Lamentation of its Women!

2017 crept up on me so fast it took me till now to write a post discussing my plans for the New Year!

  1. Blog more. I know, it’s probably one of the more popular resolutions among aspiring writers, but I need the practice and my legions of fans need the entertainment.
  2. Get published somewhere other than here. I am not talking about the New Yorker or anything. (Rory Gilmour’s experience taught us that often does more harm than good.) But I do think at the very least I could get a couple guest posts together for other bloggists (let me know in the comments).
  3. More writing (of the non-blog variety). I finished the first draft of my short story “Is it not midnight?” Once I’ve revised it, maybe you guys will get to see the whole thing.  That also means I have to start pursuing the additional ideas I’ve been writing down. Exciting stuff.
  4. Doing Whole30. This isn’t a health kick so much as a restrictive but religiously motivated “fast” that won’t leave me too weak to parent or husband (both of those are verbs, doncha know).
  5. Enjoy that which is best in life. Once I’ve completed Whole30, I plan on doing a lot more of this:



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