Spoiler Alert: Trump is Ruining ‘The Exorcist’ TV Series

I was excited to start binge watching the FOX’s new thriller based on the William Peter Blatty classic, and then Donald Trump happened.


Courtesy of The Odyssey Online


You see, I didn’t watch the live broadcasts of the series which features Alfonso Hirrera, Geena Davis, and Ben Daniels (Mrs. Miller and I were nine seasons deep into our Cheers on-demand habit at the time). But once Cheers was finished and I had begun my Whole30 journey, I was all ‘what the hey? Let’s see what happens when demons start afflicting the good people of Chicago!’ I watched the pilot episode on Hulu and I was all ‘This is interesting. The special effects are solid, and the creators seem to be respecting the parameters and rules laid out in the original.’ I was super psyched to start devouring the rest of the series, but then Donald Trump happened.

Apparently, the 45th President of the United States started watching the series just a few days before I did, and he’s been tweeting his reactions ever since.emm47um9zz_1f42j7m

At first, I thought ‘Oh well. He’s not really a fan of the genre he’ll lose interest soon enough. Plus, he’s freaking President of the U.S.A!”

But the spoilers kept coming:


And coming:


One day, I watched three episodes in a row on my lunch break. I thought I could get ahead of this orange maniac’s unbelievably un-presidential spoilers. I was wrong.


I even went so far as to take Twitter off my phone. But then this showed up on the nightly news:


I give up.


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