A Quick Update: Whole30, Trump, and Vampires

I’m pretty proud of myself, Legions of Fans. I managed to blog six straight days in a row. That’s a Miller’s Tales record, I think. During this tsunami of wisdom, I managed to cross the 100 post threshold! There will (of course) be a triumphal procession through the city to the steps of the Necropolis where the high priests will sacrifice a white dolphin to Gthog (praised be his infernal name). Once I change my bloody robes, there will be a short reception with passed appetizers. Details and guest list to follow.

Miller’s Tales now has its very own Facebook Page so be sure to ‘Like’ us. Like us good and hard.

I’ve also been posting a lot about the president lately. But I think I’ll stop now that he’s ruined ‘the Exorcist’ TV series. Unfair!

As my beleaguered beta-readers slog their way through the now finished Hungarian Demon Hunter short story, I’m outlining Zoltan’s next adventure and it’s going to involve … VAMPIRES!! So get excited for an installment or two of that.

Finally, this is my last day of Whole30 and I am so ready for a beer and some sort of delicious cheese.



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