This Isn’t a Very Good Blog Post

My Whole30 experience is finally over! To celebrate, I put butter in my coffee like a friggin’ warrior this AM. The only problem is, I am incredibly congested and under-rested so I can’t enjoy today like I wanted. I’m still going to have tumbler of bourbon and pound some burritos, but without full access to my sense of smell I will feel slightly cheated. Don’t worry. I’ll make it up later.

I managed six consecutive blogs in a row last week, and I want to see if I can manage seven. I’ve got a lot of stuff piling up and my sinuses are in no mood to be fooled with, but let’s see what we can do.

It’s a tricky feat though because I’m attempting to increase my volume without decreasing my quality of output. It’s worrying because I can feel the loss of quality happening already. Right here in this paragraph. I keep going on and on without any exit plan for this train of thought (if you can call it that). Just when you think I’m finished with this paragraph, I come up with another unfocused, long-winded sentence that takes up space without actually saying anything. If it weren’t for caffeine I would already be asleep. And then you’d never know how this paragraph ends. But I do have caffeine, and I will finish this paragraph.

In this paragraph, I have even less idea where I’m going or what I’m trying to say. I’m one step above one of those infinite monkeys typing on infinite typewriters randomly for an infinite period of time.

With this paragraph, I’m really tapped out. My body is full of Mexican food and I can barely keep my brain from leaking out my ears. This is just embarrassing. I’m seriously considering giving up on this blog every day thing.

I’m sorry I tried.



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