Cold Showers: Adding Another Habit to the Pile

I’m a big fan of adding good habits over time. Start with one achievable habit you can pick up today and add it to the routine. It could be something as simple as cleaning up the kitchen before bed or doing a few push-ups every morning. I advise starting with something easy for you. Once you’ve solidified the habit as part of your daily what-have-you, it doesn’t feel like effort to do it. You just do. That’s when this technique gets interesting.

Take the extra effort you expended on implementing your new habit of reading to your parakeet every night and choose a new habit to pick up. Over time, you’ll find that your general discipline improves in addition to all the direct benefits you get from your new habits.

What does this have to do with cold showers? Well, I’ve been hearing a lot about Wim Hof and his love of the cold.

And I figured it was time I tried the cold shower challenge:

There are all sorts of health benefits to the Scottish shower, but I’m mainly in it to suffer, endure, and build my willpower.

I’ll be in touch with results as I go.

Who’s with me?



One thought on “Cold Showers: Adding Another Habit to the Pile

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