Dear Interweb Scandals, Stop Giving Me Homework

I’m really tired of having to look stuff up and find out how X was taken out of context or Y was just making a joke or being hyperbolic.

One of the worst parts of the Interwebs, is the endless outrage machine that decides which person should be tipped into the social media volcano for whatever the thought crime du jour is. Milo is just the most recent victim of the social media mob. It’s unjust and often completely inaccurate. On some level, we all know this is true. But I want to take a moment and discuss some of the hidden victims of the perpetual outrage machine. I’m talking of course about the bystanders who hear about the latest witch hunt and pause for a minute to ask if it’s real or BS?

You see, every time the mob starts baying for Paula Deen’s blood or demanding that I boycott and divest from the Khmer Rouge (turns out they were right about that one), I have to do the research and context gathering necessary to render an informed decision. I lose HOURS of my time finding out whether the bad-person did the bad-thing.

If we had a more functional media that were less ensorcelled by their biases and self-importance, I wouldn’t have to do this. Unfortunately, we don’t so I do.

What I will do is give you people a few thoughts on how to avoid becoming another horrid participant in the next “two minutes of hate” powered by Twitter.

  • If a story seems too good to be true, it usually is. I don’t remember who first said this, but I probably read it on When a story confirms all your worst suspicions about a person or group you oppose politically or otherwise, best to double check and wait for more information.
  • Context matters a ton. Always be willing to read the full transcript or watch the unedited video. If you don’t have time that day, don’t just share on Facebook with a self-righteous mini-rant.
  • Have a little empathy and understanding. We’ve all made bad jokes or said things in anger we wouldn’t like broadcast on the evening news.
  • Those who lead the two minutes of hate Twitter mobs are usually power hungry totalitarians. Scratch a SJW, find a Maoist.

Stay safe out there, legions of fans.






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