Travel Diary: Cincinnati to Ottawa 

Breakfast at home: Greek yogurt  (full-fat variety cause I’m a warrior).
Breakfast at airport: Bloody Mary 

Like I said before, I’m a warrior.

 Boarded: Sitting next to a person of reasonable proportions (score). Catnap till we’re in the air. 

In Flight: Read from Sarah Hoyt’s Here Be Dragons (a really swell collection of short stories from Tower of Latin Power that is available on Amazon. Then a lcup of black coffee. 

Lake Michigan was clear and beautiful as we descended from the clouds.

Lunch in Chicago: A poorly plated, but tasty steak salad. I succumb to a Sam Adams Rebel IPA, too.

If the shit goes down on my next flight I need to be loose and uninhibited. Nobody should attempt to crush a jihadi’s larynx sober. You’ll lose your nerve, and then he’ll be mad.
Waiting in Chicago:  I order black coffee from one of those weird kiosks.  Need to be alert in case the shit goes down. I write a few lines in the next Zoltan story.

Flying to Ottawa:Nother  black coffee,  more Sarah Hoyt. There’s a man with a big lump on his head. Doesn’t look inflamed, but it does look like it needs to be drained every once in awhile.
Dinner in Ottawa: Two hot dogs and a big platter of poutine ‘natch.


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