Travel Diary: Ottawa to Cincinnati

Breakfast in Ottawa: Sausage and baked beans on toast. Did I mention I was at an old folks home?

Lunch in Ottawa: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The confused lady next to me couldn’t speak English but kept asking  me if I could speak French or Spanish.

A light snack at the airport: 

Only a fool would pay to be shot hurtling through the heavens in defiance of God sober.

I call the lovely Mrs. Miller and inform her that I’ll soon be scraping across the heavens and ask her to sacrifice the dog to Zeus in exchange for safe passage across his domain. 

“You can’t be too safe,” I mumble ominously into the phone. 

Dinner in Chicago:

I can only assume the bearded sky god was pleased with our offering, because I land safely in Chicago. I have plenty of time so I decide to give the airport chili’s a little love.

Boarding for Cincinnati:

As I board this final steel dragon, my only regret is that I only had one dog’s life to offer up to the Olympian Zeus.


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