This Couldn’t Continue, You Know …

From France, new hostility for traditional nepotism? Key passage in bold.

Fillon, like counterparts in the U.K. and Germany, faces an anti-immigration rival to his right and has fallen victim to the changing attitudes to elite privilege like many officials in Spain’s People’s Party. Fillon admitted voters are no longer willing to accept that politicians hiring their relatives on public salaries as he tried to limit the damage from a criminal investigation into his wife’s allegedly fictitious post as a parliamentary aide. He said what he did was legal, but now unacceptable.

Tuesday’s daily OpinionWay poll showed Fillon five percentage points short of making the May 7 runoff at 20 percent, with the Socialist Hamon even further back at 16 percent. Le Pen and Macron were at 26 percent and 25 percent, respectively, with Macron projected to beat Le Pen in the second round by 20 points.

– Gregory Viscusi, Bloomberg

It should never have been legal.


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