Read My Shoddy Work: The Night Shift Pt. 1

Just when you thought there was no more shoddy to be read, I started writing something even shoddier. Here’s a story about vampires and a hospital and a certain Hungarian gentleman who is more than he seems.


“Seriously, this woman expected me to fix the TV in her husband’s room.” Lauren laughed. “I said ‘ma’am, they did not cover appliance repair in nursing school!’”

Maria chuckled and sipped her coffee. She checked the time on her smartphone. They only had a few minutes left on their break.

“How’re things in intensive care?” Lauren asked.

“Busy as usual. That college kid isn’t getting better and they don’t know why.” she replied. “She came here with a concussion after that car accident, but she hasn’t been right since.”

“How’s life with the mysterious Dr. Constantin?”

“I can’t tell if he’s brilliant or just a stuck up bastard. You’d think he’d make more of an effort at being pleasant being new to the country.”

“Sometimes two things can be true,” Lauren laughed. “Too bad he’s so cute. You know there’s a tight little bod under that white coat.”

Maria drained the last of her coffee. “You’re incorrigible.”

“You’re inedible!” Lauren grinned. “See, you’re not the only one who can use fancy words.” The two women rose from the table and headed toward the cafeteria exit.

“How are things on your floor?” Maria asked.

“Ugh, it’s ridiculous. I had to pick up two extra shifts last week, and Dr. Brown’s getting weird.”

“Getting weird?”

“Yeah, he’s convinced someone is stealing from the hospital’s blood supply.” Lauren shook her head.

“How is that possible? I mean, who would do that?” Maria asked.

Before she could respond, Lauren was distracted by a tall form gliding down the hall toward them.

“Speak of the sexy Romanian devil,” she whispered, nudging Maria with a grin.

“Hi, Dr. Constantin.” Maria said.

He was pale with black hair and severe features. Without breaking his stride or glancing in their direction, he dispensed a perfunctory “Hello” and kept moving.

“So hot.” Lauren pretended to faint with passion. “And he totally ignored us.”

“You’re insane,” Maria laughed. “I have to get back.”


“Can you run that back again?” Dr. Brown lifted his glasses and squinted at the security camera footage. “Do you see anything? I’m sure I saw something.”

“Nope.” Jerry slumped in his chair and clicked the mouse absently to review the playback once again.

“Can you enhance it?”

“Enhance what?”

“You know, the image,” Dr. Brown said. “Make it bigger.”


Dr. Brown turned to Jerry, “Look, you’re responsible for the security of this wing, correct?”

Jerry sighed, “Yes, Dr. Brown.”

“And if someone were to steal or damage hospital property -”

“But they haven’t so far as we know.” Jerry interrupted. “All that’s missing are a few pints of blood and some plasma. Isn’t it possible that someone got sloppy with the inventory?”

“There! Stop it right there! Do you see it?” Dr. Brown pointed frantically at the screen. Jerry paused the recording and leaned in closer, screwing up his eyes.

“I see a black smudge. Or maybe a blur.”

“It’s right in front of the door to the blood bank! Couldn’t that be someone sneaking in there?” Dr. Brown controlled his exasperation.

“I don’t know, Doc. The tape don’t even show the door opening.”

Dr. Brown stared at the jerky movements of the people captured on the other security cameras placed throughout the hospital. “Isn’t it possible for someone to get in and shut the door before the the camera captures it.”

“These cameras have a 10 frames per second rate of capture.”

“What does that mean?” Dr. Brown snapped. He was a product of the rigid, hierarchy of medicine and, having worked his way to its “senior officer” level, he was accustomed to giving orders rather than overcoming objections.

Jerry turned to the doctor, gazing at him with his sleepy eyes. “It means that, to get into this hospital’s blood bank without showing up on these cameras, you would have to get in and close the door in less than a tenth of a second.”

“Hmph.” Dr. Brown absorbed the information. “I wonder what a better camera would tell us about that black smudge.”

Jerry resisted the temptation to roll his eyes. “I don’t know, but we won’t find out ’cause the hospital isn’t in the habit of paying for HD quality video.”

Dr. Brown made a noise like he had something rotten in his mouth and rose from his seat, “I’m due back. You think HD would do it?”

“If there’s something to see, HD resolution and a higher frame rate would do the trick.”

“Huh.” Dr. Brown turned and swept out of the room.

“You’re welcome.” Jerry said the words under his breath, but the irascible Dr. Brown was gone.


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