Getting a Super Encouraging Rejection Letter

I mentioned a while back that I submitted my first short story The Shelter (aka ‘Is it not Midnight?’) to a publisher (you can read an earlier draft of it here). Well, I finally got a response back from one of the editors there. The reply was not what I wanted exactly, but probably what I needed.

The editor essentially told me the story (and characters) were too big to be a short story but too short and undeveloped to be a fully fledged novel. But, and here’s the good part, they if I would consider expanding it into a novel, they might like to be in the Alan Miller business.

Honestly, I would have been happy with anything more personal than a copy-and-paste rejection e-mail. But to get encouraging, specific feedback from an editor who had obviously read the manuscript? Well. That is a cut above.

I know what you’re thinking.

“This hayseed thinks he’s hit the big time because a real life editor didn’t completely ignore his submission.”

Believe me, I’m trying to keep things in perspective. Nobody’s agreed to pay money for this drivel, and I still need to expand a long-ass short story into a big boy book. But, I can’t help walking a little straighter knowing someone kind of liked what I had to say.


3 thoughts on “Getting a Super Encouraging Rejection Letter

  1. “this hayseed thinks he’s hit the big time” thats a great line, very funny. Don’t despair I often surprised when my favourite stories have started with very short ones. Best of luck.

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