Retaking the Garden

This weekend, the lovely missus and I hit the yard work HARD. I mowed the lawn for the first time this spring and we both did weeding and mulching. When we bought our house (nearly four years ago!) we didn’t realize how much yardwork we were taking on. The previous owners had given up a bit on the biggest bed and we moved in at the end of April (a little late to stay ahead of the weeds in our neck of the woods).  Add in a few dying trees that needed to be dealt with, me losing the tip of my thumb one summer, and a new baby, and yeah, we fell behind. But we’ve been clawing our way back these past few years, and it feels good.

The crab grass is on the defensive and the honeysuckle’s days are numbered. We’re turning into lean mean Preening machines. I’m trying not to get cocky after a single weekend of yardwork, but this could be the year we’re weed free. Over successive years of war with weeds, moles, and deer, I’ve learned a few lessons.

My favorite is island hopping. Under this strategy, once you’ve weeded a good sized section of the garden, you need to lock it down. Mulch and Preen that area so it’s safe from weeds, then can move on to the next patch. Always leave yourself time to finish a section in the same day otherwise the weeds will be back in force.

There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.


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