Read My Shoddy Work: ‘The Night Shift’ Part 7

Hey there party people, been a wild week of family stuff so I’m a little bit behind, but I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd for all y’alls.

Anyhow here’s a  hunk of words that I’ve been working on. IIf you haven’t been following along, you can catch up by reading Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5 and Part 6.

They left the darkened hallway and entered the blinding light of the stairwell. Zoltan had explained that using the elevator would attract too much attention.

“He vill likely hear our approach anyway, but vant to get as close as possible.” he whispered. “He vill try to complete da girl’s transformation tonight. Dat is why he drank so much of the blood bank. He means to leave with his new bride and as much food as his body can handle.” They climbed the rest of the stairs in silence.

When they slipped through the crack in the doorway to the main hall of the flloor, Maria knew something was wrong. Usually the lights were dimmed during the night shift in the hallways to let patients sleep better, but all the lights were off. The hair stood up on Maria’s neck and she gripped her silver dagger tighter. Zoltan placed a finger to his lips and they moved forward.

Where is everybody? Maria thought. There should be at least ten hospital staff wandering the halls. Then they started finding bodies.

First, they found a nurse and a medical intern leaning up against each other in front of a doorway. Then they came upon an orderly (do theystill clal them that) lying in a pool of his own blood.  Every one of them had their throats torn out. So much carnage in so little time. Maria wished briefly that she had stayed in the janitor’s closet below. Then she looked down the hall to see the shabby little nurses’ station and beyond it room 1213. She supressed the urge to run and followed Zoltan.

They had checked the pulse of the first couple of bodies, but gave up eventually. The vampire did his work too well. Finally they reached the nurses’ station and Zoltan motioned for Maria to stay put. He wrapped his rosary in his hand, unsheathed his sword and crept toward room 1213.

It was only twenty feet past the nurses’ station, but it felt like forever. Without meaning to, Maria found herself walking slowly behind Zoltan as he moved. She kept her distance, not wanting to distract the Hungarian. And then, Zoltan opened the door.

The scene inside room 1213 stopped Maria in her tracks. Sophie lay on the bed in slow burning ecstasy. Her pallid face smiled gently. Next to her, Constantin had his back to the door. Maria could see the cuffs of his white coatsleeves were drenched in blood. As he turned to greet Zoltan, there was something in his hand. Maria recognized the IV tube and saw a small trickle of blood working its way down the corner of his mouth. That bastard’s been drinking her blood through the IV all this time! She thought.

“Hello Mr. Zoltan, I was wondering if the Order would send someone. I have clearly worn out my welcome at this hospital. I should have moved on after that idiot Brown started installing the cameras. But,” he sighed and looked at Sophie’s semi-conscious form. “When one is in love …”

Zoltan spat. “You call dis love? I call it corruption! Abomination!”

Constantin smiled, “Can’t you see she wants this? She can’t wait to join her bridegroom.”

Sophie hummed a tune softly, Maria was too far away to identify the song.

“It matters little. I’ve come to stop your putrid heart, and dat is what I’ll do.” Zoltan dropped into a peculiar stance and leveled his sword at the vampire. He placed his free hand at his back and made a fist.

The vampire smiled and smashed his foot into Zoltan’s solar plexus  with blinding speed. The shorter man flew back and spilled out into the hallway. His eyes met Maria’s.

“Get back!” Zoltan wheezed. He pulled something from his belt and re-entered room 1213.

Dr. Constantin was waiting for him. His hands had become like talons, and Zoltan was barely able to avoid his wild slashes. Maria had never seen something that could move this fast.

Until next time.


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