Read My Shoddy Work: “The Night Shift” Part 8

Are you a fan of vampires? Neither is Gyorgy Zoltan. In this installment of my current short story, Zoltan and Maria are locked in battle with a blood sucking menace and his undead minion. Can they save the patients of St. Alena’s Hospital?

If you haven’t been following along, you can catch up by reading Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 here.

Zoltan closed on the creature again. This time, he held a small glass bottle. He flicked his wrist and a single thread of holy water whipped across the room, landing squarely on the vampire’s face.

Dr. Constantine lurched back and let out an inhuman shriek of pain. The left half of his face bubbled as though he had been drenched in acid. He instinctively covered himself.

The moment’s hesitation was all Zoltan needed. The saber came down like lightning in a perfect arc. The blade sliced down the vampire’s face and took the tips off two talons in an unbroken movement. The wounds sizzled in the wake of the Hungarian’s sword. Constantin roared with fury this time.

From what Maria had seen, Zoltan was the fastest human she had ever seen and he still couldn’t match the vampire for speed. Zoltan continued his slashing attack, but Constantine had recovered his composure. Though the left half of his face was a sickening mess, the vampire avoided Zoltan’s attacks with ease again.

Then Maria hear the familiar electronic BING  of the elevator. She turned hoping it would be a security guard, a doctor, anything human. Then the doors opened and out came the shambling gory form of Dr. Brown.

The re-animated corpse moved clumsily but steadily towards her. Its grey, lifeless eyes shivered in their sockets. Maria was rooted to the spot in shock and terror. Then she gritted her teeth and gripped her silver knife.

“Zoltan! Dr. Brown’s back,” she called to her companion.

The Hungarian barely turned his head to reply, keeping his eye on his opponent.

“Hit him vit da holy water and stab him in the brain.” He responded in between great slashing cuts aimed at the vampire’s head.

Maria readied herself. She spread her legs and bent her knees slightly. In one hand was her silver dagger, in the other, the spray bottle  she had taken from the janitor’s closet filled with holy water. She didn’t have more than a few ounces of holy water and didn’t want to waste it. So she bided her time. Keeping one eye on the slow moving carcass and the other on Zoltan and Dr. Constantin.

The shambling creature came closer. Maria tried to moderate her breathing and keep the panic from welling up inside her. The nearer it came, the less it looked like Dr. Brown. The grey skin, the slack jaw, the dead eyes made it clear to her that she was no longer facing a human being. The walking corps was less than twenty feet away now. It took jerky, halting steps toward her. Maria checked the spray bottle again and switched the nozzle from “stream” to “mist.”

That’s right, things just went from Stream to Mist.


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