The Money Hole – Aussie Edition

From The Spectator-Australia David Archibald This is a tale of idiocy, full of facts and foreboding, signifying that the end times must be surely upon us. A bloke bought a sheep property of half a million acres in western Queensland for $2.0 million. Instead of running sheep on it, he now gets $350,000 per […]

via The stupidest thing the federal government does — Watts Up With That?

“If you love America, you throw money in its hole!”


Our House Caught Fire!

Everyone is fine and the damage is minimal. We were very lucky but we’ve been dealing with insurance and talking to contractors about repairs. 

Good insurance is, if you can afford it, totally worth it. Our claims adjuster has been very fair and helpful thus far. 

But that’s mah explanation for why the blog has been dark recently. I hope to recommit to posting more regularly soon.